Pharmaceutical and Healthcare consultancy and management expertise in South East Europe

Leveraging on 15+ years of success of our people
at world renowned pharmaceutical companies

Unlocking innovative Market Access
strategy and execution

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales
Driven to excellence

Building productive partnerships

Combining learnings with creativity

Treating every project like it is
our own private endeavour

About us

What we do

What we do

We provide strategic consultancy and execution to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in the SEE region.
Our people significantly contributed to success in market access, marketing, sales, business development, strategic partnerships, external affairs and policy management of the world renowned pharmaceutical companies in the region, like AstraZeneca, GSK, Novartis, Pfizer and Bayer Healthcare.
We know our job and have integrity that brings innovation, speed and success in any endeavour.

Our philosophy

Our name reflects our philosophy. We believe that the spirit* is the key for success in life.
*Spirita comes from the English word spirit, which originates from Latin word for breath, soul, courage and vigor. It is subtle, non-material substance of our beings, our consciousness or personality.

Our philosophy


Providing multiple solutions

In order to identify and to deliver new business opportunities, as well as holistic solutions to the business issues, we use independent analysis, academic resources, our commercial expertise, and fresh operational perspectives from our network.

Seamless execution

To our clients, we provide a combination of agency and consultancy: a solution to the problem, as well as the best-practice implementation.
Our aim is to achieve the best time management, optimal control and cost of the projects we are engaged in.

Focus and Speed

With a single point of contact and proactive management we assure quality control and operational efficacy.
Minimal bureaucracy, lean organization and different services at hand enable us to communicate effectively to make timely decisions.


We behave with every project like it is our own private endeavour.
We can do it because we know and we trust each other.


We consider that brands, initiatives and projects we work on are of the utmost importance and we always behave in their best interest.


Our office is in Serbia, but we work in the SEE.
We enjoy travelling all over the region, meeting and interacting with people from our industry as well as with other professionals.


As providing both agency and consultancy, we are flexible regarding the methods and frameworks of our engagement.
We could work within existing frameworks of our clients or create a new one for them.

Long term relationships

Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with our clients that would enable mutual success, learning and joy.



Our services are knowledge and experience united in full dedication to your brand.

Market access

We take holistic approach in our market access activities, because we believe market access is important for every member of the team. We develop and execute full market access plan, including...

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Bussines development

It is exciting how new opportunities could emerge from the existing networks, or new stakeholders, or foreseen brand features. We are able to cover the whole process of identification of new business initiatives.

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Marketing and sales

We consider brand loyalty essential to brand commercial results. Based on market insights, we make simple and easily understandable marketing and sales plans and take care on their implementation. We offer...

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External Affairs

Spirita is open to collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology and medical device organisations, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical and healthcare authorities, individual HCPs and patients.

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Management of strategic partnerships

We offer both managing existing partnerships (representatives, distributors) to a greater collective impact, as well as support to our clients in building new partnerships in SEE...

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